About Us

About Us
Calvary Chapel Cusco is an church affiliate to Gracia Calvary Chapel, wich is the umbrella organization for Churches of Peru and is affiliate to Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowship, wich is the umbrella organization for churches to have fellowship with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA, USA.

We are not a denomination, We are a movement, and what unites us is the way how we lead our congregations according to "the hallmarks of Calvary Chapel" and "The Philosophy of Ministry" that God gave Pastor Chuck Smith, founder of the movement Calvary Chapel and who was a dominant figure in the revival in 1960-70 reached hippies and gave birth to the movement known as the "Jesus Movement People".

In 1987 Pastor Jeff Johnson of "Calvary Chapel Downey", CA, USA, at the insistence of the church drummer, who was Peruvian, came to Peru and He have made a youth outreach at the National Stadium in Lima.

On that occasion he invited the Pastor Raul Ries of "Calvary Chapel Golden Springs", CA, USA, at that time called "Calvary Chapel West Covina," who brought the teaching. That outreach started a small congregation that met in Callao and was the first church of Calvary Chapel in Peru. This congregation was closed after three years of existence.

"Calvary Chapel of the Verde Valley" de Cottonwood, AZ, EEUU, He came with a team of missionaries to Lima, in the year 1990. Where made ​​contact with a young man named Luis Garcia , whom they invited the US to know the Calvary Chapel movement in Arizona and California.

Lucho García studied at the " Calvary Chapel Bible College " Twin Peaks, CA, USA , in 1993-1994 . Returning to Peru begins a Bible study in the district of Surco in November 1994 and the first Sunday church service as 4 months later, in March 1995 in the district of Miraflores. Resulting in the birth of Grace Calvary Chapel church , which is the oldest church of Calvary Chapel in Peru.

Our Team

About Us | Calvary Chapel Cusco

Kenneth Dujay

Kenneth Dujay is our Pastor, he is from USA, and is working in the ministry for many years ago.

About Us | Calvary Chapel Cusco

Leticia Dujay

Leticia Dujay is the wife of our Pastor Kennet, also she is from USA, she is helping with the kids in the Church.

About Us | Calvary Chapel Cusco

Calvary Chapel

This are the photo of our Pastor from USA, they help Us in many ways.